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Hiring Challenges in Massachusetts

Shelley Lane, Board Member, AOEP

Managing Director - Accounting and Finance, Fenway Search

When companies started asking people to come back to offices many refused and opted to look for work outside of Massachusetts in less expensive places to live. The cost of living in Massachusetts is very high and its winter weather can be harsh...

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Imposter Syndrome is Plaguing Women in the Workplace

Corie J. Scibelli, Board Member, AOEP

VP of Human Resources, Viken Detection

Even as we know it today, imposter syndrome puts the blame on individuals, without accounting for the historical and cultural contexts that are foundational to how it manifests in both women of color and white women. In addition to contending with subtle biases because of gender, another category...

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The Next Generation of Contingent Work

Kim Dinsmore, President and Treasurer, AOEP

Expert Contributor of this report

The world of contingent staffing has greatly evolved in the past 10–20 years, from the strategic capabilities possible, to the new resources available. Between recent significant macro trends plus an increased competition for talent, workers today are more...

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