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1/2/14: Trend-Spotting in 2014. Agility may be your key to success


As the New Year approaches, we tend peak around the corner to see what may be next in the worlds of employment, recruiting, and career management. The “experts” are ready to identify the latest trend, whether it is a particularly hot industry that leads to greater opportunities or a high-trajectory career-path based upon current employment statistics. Meanwhile everyone else is seeking the answer to the same question, “What’s next, and what can I do now to prepare for the future?”

The reality is that too often, we spot a trend, the marketplace shifts, and we are face-to-face with a new frontier. The solution may be simple agility, something that can be developed and nurtured in most of us. Despite the available technologies, we usually don’t have the power to predict the future or even see around that proverbial corner. Gone are the days of taking a young college grad by the arm as we saw in the 1967 movie, “The Graduate”, and whispering the word “plastics” into his ear to set his career in the right direction. That once linear career path has come to look more like a spiral in recent years, and the most innovative professionals are now creating career paths rather than stepping into established ones. If you pursue the work you love and have a passion for, develop the skills to make yourself marketable in the workplace, and pursue the type of valuable work that the rest of us need and want you to perform, you can seamlessly develop the agility to make the necessary adjustments when the trends shift as well as the resilience to do it more than a few times during your working life. 2014 is a great time to commit yourself to becoming an agile professional, capable of spotting trends, working with them, and relentlessly searching for the next great idea. Those shifts can be small or large; but what matters is how you react to them and move forward in a positive direction.

Wishing you all "Agility" in 2014! Happy New Year!