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6/24/13: Bigger Isn't Always Better

Hello Again From the Association of Employment Professionals

While the resources and reputation of a large employer can make recruiting somewhat easier, smaller, lesser known employers can also position themselves to be effective in attracting and retaining talent that is graduating from schools across the country  Think about this question -What do college graduates want in their first professional job?

Answer: There are several must-haves: responsibility and respect; a workplace that is fun and exciting; and, finally, not getting stuck in a job rut. 

 "Generally, there's more flexibility in smaller work environments for rotational assignments and leading projects. Having that kind of challenge and opportunity really excites today's new grad,"

Check out this article on six tips for successful campus recruiting for smaller employers:  Article Link

On another note, the rules and steps for delaing with employees who are in the guard and reserves can be confusing.  For an excellent resource that answers a lot of the questions that come up take a look at

Have a great summer and keep the upcoming AOEP Recruiting Summit in your plans for September.