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4/29/13: Update on College Recruiting

Greetings from the Association of Employment Professionals

We hope this brief note finds you safe and well.  Although the past two week period has been an extraordinary time of tragedy and triumph, we wanted to get back to regular email communications with our membership as soon as possible to maintain the positive momentum established earlier in the year.

As colleges and universities prepare for another commencement season, I am reminded that according to a recent national survey, only 22% of companies polled earlier in the academic year were aware of their plans to hire recent college graduates or similar employees at the entry-level in 2013. 

However, those organizations that consistently draw their entry-level talent from colleges and universities experience success for so many reasons, including:

  • As more tenured employees retire in increased numbers, managers have the opportunity to promote from within (rather than fill experienced-level holes in the workforce).  This bubbling up of talent subsequently creates room at the entry-level for new and eager talent seeking to enter the workforce and establish themselves.
  • Promoting from within utilizes your established talent and enables managers to build "bench strength" at all levels, ready when needed.
  • Recruiting entry-level talent from colleges and universities is relatively inexpensive, requiring mostly time and energy from recruiters and hiring managers to meet and interview candidates.
  • Entry-level staff is ready and anxious to learn and apply what they have recently acquired in the classroom.  Working with a fresh slate can be a manager's dream!
  • Organizations seeking diversity in its workforce need to look no further than the nearest college, university, or trade school - typically a microcosm of the general society in terms of its broad mix of people, cultures, talents, experiences, and potential.

Readily available, recently educated, energized, diverse, and cost effective.  What are you waiting for???